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Some of you may not know who Ryan was, but the people who knew this young man were grateful to have such a loyal amazing and true wonderful friend. Ryan was born on the 27th of June 1993. 

Started co-hosting with his father who was the Country DJ King of Community Radio, Garry hosted a programme called ''Good Old Country Music" well known in the Latrobe Valley on local radio here in Morwell. Garry brought Ryan into community Radio at a young age, and that's when a star was born. 


Ryan hosted the local Driving Force show on a Afternoon at 4pm playing Top 40 Music and Requests and also mixing his own DJ Music. Ryan enjoyed his Music and Loves Radio, something he had a very big passion for. If he wasn't at home making Music, Production or on the Radio, he was hanging with his friends enjoying life. 

On September 7th at around 7am Jamie has received the news of Ryan's passing and during the morning so did Ryans Closest friends.


A Dream Ryan Gunn had was to one day run his own Radio station, as Jamie and Ryan talked about all the time watching Strange Satellite TV Stations on the satellite in the Shack

And we did it Ryan, The Shack is in honour of you and we will continue to share the passion of Music and Radio to the World. 

You showed us that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and that's what we did. Your still with us everyday and we love you and always will remember you 

And also to Garry Gunn, you are the best person we have met, such a funny sense of humour, Miss our funny phone calls and chats. Such a kind hearted man.


May you guys Rest in Peace <3 

-Jamie Pallot, Jason Loughrey & Robbie Duncan. 

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